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Whether you are a professional, student, or amateur, you have come to the right place for your instrument needs!  A previously owned instrument is a great opportunity and choice!

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Oboes and Oboe Equipment

Make Year Condition Price
 Loree Royal Oboe Violet wood
2017 Like new oboe.  Needs to be broken in.  Lining in top joint.  Never played.  Owner changed instruments in career.  Gorgeous sound.  New at $10,000.  Special Price!  Don't let this go by!  $9,500
 Loree Royal Oboe
2017 Lined top joint.  Like new oboe.  Owner wishes they could keep it because of dark sound.  Don't overlook this!   $8,700
 Loree Royal AK  Oboe
2007 Beautiful condition.  Only one previous owner.  Only played lightly.   $7,600
 Howarth XL Oboe Cocobola
2012 One previous owner.  Lovely condition and fine technical work.  WAS
Covey Professional Oboe
2015 Delrin top joint oboe.  Like new.  Gorgeous tone. $6,000
Buffet Professional Oboe Model 3613
2008 Only one previous owner.  Never cracked.  Like new. $6,000
 Loree AK Oboe
2009 Very good condition.  Loree Case and case cover.  Looks like new. $6,000
 Yamaha Pro Oboe Model 841
2014 Easy to play and sweet sound.  One owner.    $6,000
 Loree AK Oboe
2008 Never cracked.  Great condition.  Smooth playing oboe.  $5,999
 Covey Professional Oboe
2000 Made by Paul Covey.  Beautiful condition.  Walnut case.  New case cover.    $5,000
 Loree AK Oboe
1979 Very good oboe!  No cracks.   $4,500
Howarth S50C Oboe
2012 VT Lining in top joint.  Never cracked.  Like new condition.  Easy to play.  $4,500
 Howarth S50C Oboe
2016  Never cracked.  Like new.  Great opportunity.  Great sound. $4,500
 Covey Professional Oboe
1979 Handmade by Paul Covey.  Warm flexible sound.  One owner.  Finest repair done on it.  Original wooden case.  New Cavallaro case cover.  Don't pass this up!    $4,300
 Loree AK Oboe
1984 Lovely resonant oboe.  Easy to play.   $3,800
 Patricola SB1 Oboe #5790 2017 New condition.  Includes low B flat, left hand F, 3rd Octave key.   $2,800
Howarth S20C Oboe
2012 In great condition.  $1,999
 Yamaha 411 Model Oboe
2003  Modified conservatory.  Low B flat, Left hand F.  Grenadilla. $1,500
 Accent Oboe 2015 Low B flat and left hand F.  Plastic. $800
 Fox 400 Model Oboe
2010  Full conservatory.  All grenadilla.  Great condition. SOLD!
 Loree 125 Royal Oboe
2016 Never cracked.  Chosen from a selection of five.  Broken in by a professional oboist.  Like new. SOLD!
Covey Professional Oboe Violet wood
2001 In lovely condition.  Plays beautifully.  Made by Paul Covey. SOLD!
 Yamaha Model 211 Oboe
  Simple key system.  Plastic. SOLD!
 Fox Sayen Oboe #31556 2015 Never cracked.  Hand selected by pro oboist for finest scale and tone quality.  Click Here for photo. SOLD!

One-of-a-kind Oboe D'Amore

Make Year Condition Price
Loree Oboe D'Amore
1977 Case is like new.  Leather case cover.  Comes from professional player.  Instrument in great working condition. $5,499
Loree Oboe D'Amore
1972 Completely rebuilt by Paul Covey many years ago.  Instrument was the one Ray Still used for recording and a few select performances.  Purchase includes CD, and oboe D'amore music.  Bocals: Loree 1, Loree 2, another shorter Loree bocal, Lickman gold.

(Click here for photos)

English Horns and English Horn Equipment

Make Year Condition Price
Laubin English Horn #AL224 1969 Double oboe English horn case.  Laubin #2 and Laubin #3 bocals.  Overhauled and prepared by Laubin. WAS
Loree Standard English Horn #RP83 2009 Loree 1 and 2 bocals.  Great condition.  Double Loree Oboe and English Horn Case Cover. $8,499
Howarth XL Grenadilla English Horn #6560 2012 One previous owner.  Includes Low B Flat extension.  Includes Howarth XL 1 bocal, Howarth XL 2 gold plated bocal. WAS
Fox 500 Model English Horn #859 2010 Includes Fox #2 bocal and Loree #2 bocal.  Single case.  Never cracked.  Amazing opportunity.   $6,500
Loree English Horn
1976 Good condition.  Includes Lore bocals #1 and #2.  Double oboe/English Horn case. $5,600
Loree Standard English Horn
1985 Good condition.  Plays evenly with ease.  Including Loree 1 and 2 bocals.  Loree Double case and leather case cover. $5,500
Howarth S20C English Horn #F0203 2006 In great condition.  Single case, case cover.  One Howarth bocal to match.  New reed case.   $4,500
Loree Standard English Horn #SL93 2012 New top joint in 2013.  Lovely like new condition.  Excellent tone quality.  Loree case and Loree case cover like new.  Loree 1 bocal.  Loree 2 bocal hand selected by Carolyn Hove, and Alain de Gourdon.  Definitely a special horn! SOLD!
Loree Standard English Horn #KX75 1997 No cracks.  Great condition.  Loree bocals, #1, and #2.  Loree Double Case.  Leather Double Case Cover.  SOLD!
Loree English Horn #RA59 2008 Double Only one previous owner.  Fine technical work.  Lovely condition. SOLD!
Bulgheroni Professional Artiste Model #MB730 2016 Needs to be broken in a bit more. Including case, case cover, and 2 Bulgheroni bocals. SOLD!

Oboe and English Horn Accessories

Prestini A1   Oboe Shaper Tip $100
"V"   Oboe Shaper Tip $100
Bocal 2015 Loree Oboe D'Amore Bocal No. 1  $150
Bocal   Laubin #1 Bocal  $150
Howarth Bocal   Howarth Bocal. TWH 2B3  $150
Oboe Graf   Oboe Graf Pre-gouger.  $300
Bocal   Laubin #2 Bocal  $350
Covey Oboe Bell 1985 Covey Oboe Bell.  Grenadilla.  Made by Paul Covey. $400
Blayman Oboe Stand   Base for trio, plus 2 oboe pegs  SOLD
Shaper Tip 1996 Adam Caleb 0 Oboe Shaper Tip SOLD
BAM Case   Oboe/English Horn case, backpack style

Bocal 2015 Laubin Oboe D'Amore Bocal No. 1  SOLD



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