Whether you are a professional, student, or amateur, you have come to the right place for your instrument needs!  A previously owned instrument is a great opportunity and choice!

If you would like more information on any of these items, OR if you have an instrument of your own that you would like Oboe Chicago to sell for you on consignment, Contact Shawna!


Oboes and Oboe Equipment

Make Year Condition Price
 Yamaha Model 841 Oboe Duet  #006461 2016 Fully lined.  Barely played.  Lovely like new oboe. $6,999
Buffet Orfeo Greenline Oboe  #G13091 2014 Only one previous owner.  Like new. WAS
 Loree AK Oboe #TX36 2016 One previous owner.  Played very little.  Looks and plays like new. $6,500
 Yamaha Model 841 Duet Oboe #008122 2014 One previous owner.  Warm tone and excellent condition. $6,500
 Loree AK Oboe
2011 One previous owner.  Lovely oboe, good scale.  Excellent repair work. WAS
 Covey Professional Oboe #A423 2011 Only one previous owner.  Warm tone quality and good scale. $6,300
 Covey Professional Oboe #A395 2006 Grenadilla.  One previous owner.  Never cracked.  All technical work done to be in great condition. $5,699
 Loree AK Oboe #OC92 2001 All prepared thoroughly by finest technician.  Includes a Wiseman leather oboe case and leather tool pouch. $5,200
 Loree Royal DM Bore Oboe #JC95 1989 Only two previous owners.  Had a nine year period of no playing at all.  Recently prepared thoroughly by finest technician to play smoothly. $4,900
 Loree AK Oboe #NF58 1999 Great scale and in great condition.  Loree Case and case cover like new. $4,900
Model 841 Oboe #005803
2008 One previous owner. Never cracked.  Full conservatory model. $4,750
 Howarth S40C Oboe  #P529 2013 Only one previous owner.  Lovely tone.  Great buy for young player. $2,999
 Fox 330 Renard Oboe
1996 Owned by pro oboe player.  Case and case cover like new.  Lovely condition. $2,600
Yamaha 441 Oboe  #036355 2010 All grenadilla.  Modified conservatory key system.  Includes low B flat, left hand F. $2,500
 Larilee Oboe
1995 All grenadilla.  Full conservatory.  Smooth, easy play. $1,500
RDG Oboe Gouging Machine 2016 Like new.  Bed is 11.0; blade is 10.75.  Custom RDG set up.  Inspection and trial by request in showroom.  Click here for photos WAS
 Yamaha 211 Oboe
2010 One previous owner.  Easy oboe to play.  Great for a beginner.  Avoid rental. $650
 Howarth S65C Oboe  #F0878 2000 Full conservatory.  Very good condition. SOLD!
 Loree 125 Royal Oboe #TX20 2016 Played lightly.  Looks new.  Owned by pro oboe player.  Meticulous care.
Buffet Greenline Oboe #G11716 2009 One previous owner.  Never cracked.  Easy blowing and rich tone quality. SOLD!
 Covey Rosewood Professional Oboe #A279 1995 LOVELY condition.  Like new.  Walnut case.  Leather case cover. Lovely find! SOLD!

One-of-a-kind Oboe D'Amore

Make Year Condition Price
Loree Oboe D'Amore
1972 Completely rebuilt by Paul Covey many years ago.  Instrument was the one Ray Still used for recording and a few select performances.  Purchase includes CD, and oboe D'amore music.  Bocals: Loree 1, Loree 2, another shorter Loree bocal, Lickman gold.

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English Horns and English Horn Equipment

Make Year Condition Price
Bulgheroni Professional Artiste Model #MB730 2016 Needs to be broken in a bit more. Including case, case cover, and 2 Bulgheroni bocals. WAS $8,800
Loree English Horn #ER57 1979-80 One previous owner.  Includes #1, #2, #3 Loree bocals.  Double oboe/English horn case.  Naugahyde double case cover.  Cavallaro double case cover.  Excludes low B flat resonance key. SOLD!
Patricola Rosewood English Horn #4492 2004 Includes 2 Patricola bocals, Low B flat extension. Never cracked. SOLD!
Fox Model 510 English Horn 2007 Plastic top joint.  Grenadilla middle joint and bell.  Played lightly.  Taken care of well.  Immaculate.  In single case: $5000; in double oboe/English horn case: $5300
Loree Standard English Horn #GK16 1982 Double Loree oboe/English horn case.  Leather case cover.  Loree #1, #2 bocals.  Full technical prep for its sale. Easy to play. All keyplating looks new. Great condition. SOLD!

Oboe and English Horn Accessories

RDG Oboe Gouging Machine 2016 Like new.  Bed is 11.0; blade is 10.75.  Custom RDG set up.  Inspection and trial by request in showroom.  Click here for photos WAS
Prestini A1   Oboe Shaper Tip $100
"V"   Oboe Shaper Tip $100
Bocal 2015 Loree Oboe D'Amore Bocal No. 1  $150
Oboe Graf   Oboe Graf Pre-gouger.  $300
Blayman Oboe Stand   Base for trio, plus 2 oboe pegs  SOLD
Shaper Tip 1996 Adam Caleb 0 Oboe Shaper Tip SOLD
BAM Case   Oboe/English Horn case, backpack style

Bocal 2015 Laubin Oboe D'Amore Bocal No. 1  SOLD



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