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Whether you are a professional, student, or amateur, you have come to the right place for your instrument needs!  A previously owned instrument is a great opportunity and choice!

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Oboes and Oboe Equipment

Make Year Condition Price
 Laubin Professional Oboe
1969 Only one previous owner. Never cracked. Made by Alfred and Paul Laubin. Recently overhauled by Laubin personally. Authentic handiwork. Original case in GREAT condtion. (Click here for photos) $8,000
 Loree Royal Oboe #UI98 2018 Never cracked.  Even and chosen for special qualities.  Including case, case cover, reed case, screwdriver and cork grease. Great opportunity and priced to sell! $7,200
 Loree Royal Oboe #TR96 2015 One previous owner. Thoroughly prepared by finest technician. Loree Case, Case Cover. Lovely tone quality. $7,200
 Laubin Professional Oboe #1789 1988
Plays in great condition. Laubin case and good condition case cover.
 Loree Royal AK Oboe #TZ61 2016 Loree case, Loree case cover in great condition. Only one previous owner. Even tone and has a full voice. $6,999
 Covey Professional Oboe #A482 2017 Made with a partial lining in top joint. All grenadilla. Including philly D key and 3rd octave. In great condition. Including French style case, new cavallero case cover with shoulder strap. (Click here for photo) $6,999
 Yamaha Duet 841 Model Oboe #009246 2017 Owned by professional player in the Atlanta Symphony. Lovely warm sound. Loree Case and Loree Case Cover. Great Condition! Priced to sell, don't wait! $6,600
 Loree AK Oboe #SF53 2011 Never cracked. Only one previous owner. Plays very well. Loree case, Loree case cover. Great condition. $6,000
 Loree Royal AK Oboe #TJ24 2015 Only one previous owner.  Very good condition. $5,999
 Loree AK Oboe #JU15 1990 Complete recent overhaul for this sale. Including synthetic AK top joint. Including case to hold all of it. Case cover as well in good condition. Plays with a lovely sound. (Click here for photo) $5,000
Fosatti Professional MB Model Oboe #11045 2011 No cracks. Rhodium plating. Very good condition. Full conservatory key system. Fosatti case and case cover in good condition. Even tone quality. $4,999
 Yamaha Professional Custom Oboe Model 841T
2015 Grenadilla, no cracks. Lovely rich tone quality. Very good condition. $4,950
Josef Oboe #RP33 2002 Rose gold plated keys. Never cracked. In great condition. $4,900
 Loree Royal Oboe #MV72 1999 Good condition. New pads. Including full service for this sale. Loree case, case cover in good condition. Priced to sell. $4,900
Fox 450 Model Oboe
2004 Full conservatory. Synthetic top joint. All grenadilla middle joint and bell. Complete overhaul. In like new condition. Only one previous owner. $4,500
 Howarth S50C Oboe #6817 2014 Full conservatory key system. Third octave. No cracks. Howarth case and case cover in great condition. $4,350
 Howarth S50C Oboe #6452 2010 No cracks. Full conservatory. All grenadilla. $4,250
 Cabart Oboe #7711 1976 '74 Cabart. All grenadilla. No cracks. In great condition. Left hand F, Low B flat, Low B, F resonance key, Low B flat resonance key. Full overhaul. (Click here for photo) $3,200
 Loree Standard Oboe #AO77 1950's Complete overhaul. Loree case good condition. Tenon caps. Some unique characteristics for an oboe of its time. Includes Left hand F key, F resonance key, Low B flat resonance key. $2,500
Fox 330 Renard Oboe #22530 2004 Maintained with fine repair. Plays easily. Includes low B flat and left hand F. Full synthetic. Modified conservatory key system. Hard French style case and case cover. $2,300
 Bulgheroni Student Model Oboe FB091 #1555 2016 All grenadilla. Including Low B flat, Left hand F, 3rd octave key. One previous owner. Including original case/case cover like new. Great condition. Keys are easy to cover and play for young oboists. $2,199
Loree Royal Oboe #UC88 2018 Even tone quality up and down oboe. Owned by Chicago Symphony oboist. Chosen for special qualities. Including case, case cover, reed case, screwdriver and cork grease. Great opportunity and priced to sell! SOLD!
 Canary Covey Wood Oboe "Blondie" 2014 Silver plated keys with gold plated posts and tenons. In lovely condition. Overhaul done for this sale. Priced to sell! (Click here for photos) SOLD!
Covey Professional Oboe
2014 Only one previous owner. Walnut signature case. New Cavallero case cover. Very even scale. Fabulous response. In very good condition. Priced to sell. SOLD!
Fox 330 Renard Oboe #28908 2010 Modified conservatory key system, including Low B, Low Bb, and Left hand F, full synthetic. Including Protec case/case cover. All refurbished and made ready for new owner. Great condition. SOLD!
Marigaux 901 Oboe #26123 1995 Including Marigaux case. Cavallero case cover and shoulder strap. New Marigaux accessory pcaket. Marigaux ID card. Matching reed case, cork grease, screwdriver. Recent tuning done to oboe by David Teitelbaum. Plays very very well. (Click here for photos) SOLD!

One-of-a-kind Oboe D'Amore

Make Year Condition Price
Howarth XL Oboe D'Amore
2014 Don't pass this up! Brought to the USA for the New York IDRS convention in 2014 by Howarth of London.  Selected by the professional oboist for its lovely qualities.  Played and meticulously maintained by the owner.  In impeccable condition.  Including Howarth case, and Howarth case cover.  Includes Howarth bocals #1, and #2. Additional bocals can be purchased upon request.  Never cracked. (Photos available here) $7,500
Loree Oboe D'Amore
1977 Case is like new.  Leather case cover.  Comes from professional player.  Instrument in great working condition. SOLD!
Loree Oboe D'Amore
1972 Completely rebuilt by Paul Covey many years ago.  Instrument was the one Ray Still used for recording and a few select performances.  Purchase includes CD, and oboe D'Amore music.  Bocals: Loree 1, Loree 2, another shorter Loree bocal, Lickman gold.

(Click here for photos)

English Horns and English Horn Equipment

Make Year Condition Price
Laubin Professional English Horn
1983 No cracks. In mint condition. Laubin #2 and Laubin #3 bocals. (Click here for photos) $14,000
Loree English Horn Top Joint 2016 All grenadilla, for standard model Loree English Horn. Never cracked. Absolutely lovely and like new. Great opportunity. Try it on your own English Horn. $4,300
Fox 520 Model English Horn
2012 Played only twice, like new. All synthetic. Full conservatory key system. 2 Fox bocals to match. Fox case, case cover with shoulder strap, like new. Reed case included. $4,850
Howarth S20C English Horn #E0346 1990's Full synthetic. Includes left hand F and 3rd octave key. 2 matching Howarth bocals. Howarth Single English Horn case in great like new condition and shoulder strap. Instrument looks like new. Fabulous condition. Priced to sell. $3,499
Laubin Professional English Horn #1782 1985 Never cracked. Unusual custom instrument. F sharp extension added. Third octave key added. Including Laubin bocals #2 and #3. Laubin case and case cover. Beautiful condition. All work done by Laubin themselves. (Click here for photos) SOLD!
Loree English Horn #GY51 1983 Includes two Loree bocals, #1, #2, #3. Including Loree English Horn case in great condition, and Cavallero case cover with shoulder strap. This will go fast. Don't wait! SOLD!
Loree Standard English Horn
1989 Including third octave key. Never cracked. Including Loree #1, #2 bocals. Loree Double case and Loree Double case cover. Completely oiled, new pads where needed and full technical work done. This instrument was only played for 6 months and is in mint condition. Priced to sell. SOLD!

Oboe and English Horn Accessories

RDG USA Pre gougers, lightly used.  Bed diameter in 10.0, $85.  Bed diameter in 11.0, $85.  Each pusher, $10 each.  Items can be purchased in pairs or separately.  Click here for photo.
Oboe Shaper Tip. RDG -1 N shaper tip.  Very good condition.
Loree #1 Bocal
Loree #3 Bocal
Fox 2XL Bocal
Howarth Bocal. TWH 2B3 
Fox Double oboe/English horn case with Cavallero case cover and strap, in good condition.
Covey Oboe Bell.  Made by Paul Covey.
Wiseman Oboe Case. Holds oboe securely with all clips and shoulder strap in tact. Used in GREAT CONDITION. (Click here for photo)
Laubin Deluxe Oboe/English Horn case and case cover. New in lovely condition. (Click here for photos)
Protec Pro Pack English horn/Oboe combo case.
Like New, Never used
Mack Plus oboe shaper tip.  Never used.  Tip only, handle has sold.  Click here for photo.
Laubin #2 Bocal
Covey Oboe Bell.  Grenadilla.  Made by Paul Covey.



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