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Oboe Chicago proudly offers Oboe and English Horn selections from Loree, Howarth, Covey, Fox and Vas Dias Baroque! What brand of oboe will allow you, your reed, and your oboe to all play as one? Take a look at each manufacturer page to see the model lines that we carry or to learn more about what makes one oboe different from another. 

Oboists in the United States, England, France, Italy, and Germany all aspire for a special instrument to enhance their efforts to produce the most precision and refinement in performance. 

My philosophy is to find an instrument for each of my customers that allows them to sound their very best and not simply choose an instrument based on its name or image.

Any of the brands that we offer may suit your individual performing needs.  Shawna Lake of Oboe Chicago is the person to answer all of your questions when considering which oboe will be right for you!

Oboe Chicago General Facts

v  I keep a large inventory of the brands listed above. 

v   All new oboes come with accessories and a one or two year warranty that covers crack repair and manufacturers defects.  All repairs will be supervised by Shawna and the owner of the oboe.  Your satisfaction is our principal concern.

v To set up a 10-day trial for any instrument, I require a credit card for shipping at time of trial.  (Please contact Shawna for shipping costs and other details.)

v    Used oboes are also available.  Please visit our Used Instruments page, or contact Shawna for a current inventory. 

v  Prior to any instrument being shipped, a detailed adjustment will be performed on the instrument and play tested by myself and my technician assuring that you will receive an oboe that will perform to its optimum ability.  At Oboe Chicago it is the little details that separates us from the others.


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