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$300 each, in stock
Test/trial available before purchase
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"This new English Horn shaper tip was created as a collaboration between two long time friends whose passion for the art of English Horn playing fueled their design.  Through this partnership, we have created a tip that provides players with all the qualities that we look for in a great reed.  We now make this design available to everyone"

-Thom Moore

"At long last, and English Horn shapter tip that provides all the attributes most important to me as an orchestral player.  A tight sealing blank, a pure scale you can taste, tonal depth and singing projection."

-Robert Walters


Tie length: 60mm
Wrap (0 ref) 6.0mm
Throat (+3) 6.4mm
Belly (+13) 7.5mm
Tip (+23mm) 8.1mm













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