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Quality and passion passed down from Generation to Generation since 1911!  Hand-made Custom Designed Cases for Oboe, English Horn, d'Amore, Baryton, and Musette.  Combination cases available.

All Italian Leather reed cases for OBOE and BASSOON

10% OFF regular prices - making room for more colors

Oboe 6 reed case $45 (reg. $50)
Oboe 12 reed case $72 (reg. $80)
Oboe/English Horn reed case $108 (reg. $120)
Oboe 50 reed case $108 (reg. $120)

Bassoon 6 reed case $45 (reg. $50)
Bassoon 12 reed case $72 (reg. $80)

Colors available based upon current selection, including:
Aqua, Brown, Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Hot Pink, Canary gold

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