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Oboe Chicago is pleased and proud to offer handmade Oboe and English Horn reeds from these great suppliers, providing you even MORE service at Oboe Chicago! Contact us for more information on any of these great offerings. Prices range from $25-35 each, and some discounts apply!

  • Our reeds are made entirely by hand by a seasoned professional oboist who understands what a reed is supposed to do under the most demanding circumstances
  • Elite reeds are made of the highest quality cane available, combining hardness, density and resilience
  • After completion, CRC reeds are allowed to settle and then carefully finished to our exacting standards
  • CRC reeds are designed for maximum control, air stream efficiency, flexibility and beauty of sound
  • My oboe, English horn and d'Amore reeds are all handmade from start to finish with the same high quality cane I use for my own reeds, play tested to my exacting standards and on my own insturments
  • We offer reeds in various strengths: medium, medium-soft, and medium-hard, depending on your particular preference
  • My reeds are made from 10.5-11mm diameter cane, gouged on an Innoledy gouger
  • Our default tubes come from Chartier and are synthetic cork, but we also offer premium cork/tube options as well
  • Handmade oboe and English horn reeds made by Liz Tomorsky Knott, owner of LTK reeds
  • Over ten years of experience making reeds for players of all levels and all ages
  • Every reed is personally triple play tested before receiving our approval and being sent out
  • Contact Shawna for more information, or to place an order
  • Magic Reeds offers the best oboe reeds to sound great and deliver extraordinary performances
  • They are always handmade from scratch and hand finished with care
  • Professionals, intermediates and aspiring students buy oboe reeds from Magic Reed because they sound better, progress faster, earn their best reviews and have more fun.
  • Every oboe reed is handmade from scratch and finished to order by Kathy Sheinhouse
  • Professional handmade reeds made by Suzanne Segredo
  • Each reed contains the following highest quality and standards:
    KGE, Pisoni, Rigotti & Shalita French Reserve Cane options and standard MMI cork staples
  • Options of 10-10.5 gouge or 10.5-11 gouge
  • Mack + Shape for Oboe, Jeanne Standard English Horn Shape
  • Stable & Vibrates freely
  • Comes as finished scrape, easy minor adjustment if necessary

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