Whether you play in the Chicago Symphony, your community orchestra, or high school band, you share the same goal to own an oboe to suit your personal needs.  Through my research and over 20 years experience as a performer, I can help you find an instrument that will fit your different concepts of reed vibration and tonal production.  My oboe selection will let you, your reed, and your oboe all perform as one!

I pride myself in making sure that you love the oboe you choose.  I give professional players, college professors, and students all an equal amount of attention in finding the perfect oboe.  I offer new and used instruments on a two-week trial either in your own home, or in my acoustically sound studio.


BREAKING NEWS! Covey Oboes for purchase - now available with NO WAIT!

Texas Music Educators Association
San Antonio, TX
February 10-13, 2016

University of Georgia, Athens
Double Reed Day
Athens, GA
February 21, 2016

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